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The Psychology Podcast

Gender/Sex and the Body || Anne Fausto-Sterling

The Psychology Podcast
The Psychology Podcast

Today we welcome Dr. Anne Fausto-Sterling. She is the Nancy Duke Lewis Professor Emerita of Biology and Gender Studies in the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology and Biochemistry at Brown University. Her books and scholarly articles are referenced widely in feminist and scientific inquiry. She has received grants and fellowships in both the sciences and the humanities. In 2020, she re-released Sexing the Body: Gender Politics and the Construction of Sexuality with updated research.

In this episode, I talked to Anne Fausto-Sterling about gender/sex and the body. During the sixties, the term “gender” was introduced to make a distinction between a person’s biology and psychology. But Dr. Fausto-Sterling believes that these can never really be separate. Biology influences gender—and the opposite is also true. Culture and context can influence our hormones and body systems. We also touch on the topics of gender dysphoria, feminism, intersexuality, trans issues, and child development.

Website: annefaustosterling.com

Twitter: @Fausto_Sterling


02:52 Dr. Fausto-Sterling’s background and expertise

07:58 Sexual invert, eonist, & transvestite

14:42 Gender identity disorder in the DSM

19:47 Transgenderism and non-binaries

21:49 The Five Sexes

25:27 “Gender is always changing the biology”

30:08 Redefining sex

34:54 Intersex inclusivity

40:29 Feminists labeled as TERFs

43:39 Sex should be functional

45:45 Moral panic about bathrooms, sports, jail

50:00 Addressing issues in context

55:50 Dynamic Systems Framework for Gender/Sex Development

57:54 Dr. Fausto-Sterling’s call to end sex differences research

The Psychology Podcast
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