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The Stronger By Science Podcast

Long Muscle Length Training with Dr. Milo Wolf

The Stronger By Science Podcast
The Stronger By Science Podcast

In this episode, Greg sits down with Dr. Milo Wolf to discuss long muscle length training. Long-length partials are a hot topic, and Dr. Wolf is one of the folks doing research in this area, and popularizing long-length partials as a training method to increase muscle growth. Enjoy!


Most of the research discussed in this episode can be found here:

00:00:00 - Episode Intro - Einstein, Toothpaste, and Plugs

00:18:18 - Intro - Dr. Milo Wolf

00:31:03 - Research: Impact of Muscle Length and Range of Motion on Hypertrophic Response

00:54:49 - Mechanisms / Explanation of Research

01:24:23 - Implications for Different Muscle Groups and Exercises

01:40:39 - Long Muscle Length Training Myths

01:56:17 - Limits of Long Muscle Length Training/Effects Over Time/Novelty

02:33:16 - Analysis of Existing Studies / Conflicting Results / Criticism

02:47:20 - Application of Results in Training

02:53:45 - Audience Questions and Final Thoughts



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The Stronger By Science Podcast
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