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The Today Podcast

Does nanny (state) know best?

The Today Podcast
The Today Podcast

In a week in which the government told us more about its plans to create a smokefree generation, Amol and Nick look at why many politicians from across the political spectrum are now embracing the nanny state. But how much do we want them telling us how to behave?

They speak to James Bethell, the former health minister responsible for Boris Johnson’s anti-obesity strategy – who now says that Margaret Thatcher would have embraced nanny statism if prime minister today.

And they hear from Baroness Claire Fox, the non-affiliated peer, who is opposed to the latest plans for a smoking ban.

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The Today Podcast is hosted by Amol Rajan and Nick Robinson, both presenters of BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, the UK’s most influential radio news programme. Amol was the BBC’s media editor for six years and is the former editor of the Independent, he’s also the current presenter of University Challenge. Nick has presented the Today programme since 2015, he was the BBC’s political editor for ten years before that and also previously worked as ITV’s political editor.

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The Today Podcast
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