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The Today Podcast

Why Generation Rent are so angry

The Today Podcast
The Today Podcast

Private rents are soaring, homes to rent are in steep decline, house building has stalled. No wonder young people are full of rage about their chances of getting onto the housing ladder.

On this week’s podcast Amol and Nick take a deep dive into what’s going wrong with housing in the UK – and what can be done to fix it.

They’re joined by Angela Rayner, Labour’s deputy leader, who will be tasked with fixing the housing crisis if Labour win the next general election. And they’re also joined by Ben Twomey, chief executive of Generation Rent, which campaigns to improve the housing system for young people.

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The Today Podcast is hosted by Amol Rajan and Nick Robinson, both presenters of BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, the UK’s most influential radio news programme. Amol was the BBC’s media editor for six years and is the former editor of the Independent, he’s also the current presenter of University Challenge. Nick has presented the Today programme since 2015, he was the BBC’s political editor for ten years before that and also previously worked as ITV’s political editor.

The producers are Tom Smithard and Rufus Gray. The editors are Jonathan Aspinwall and Louisa Lewis. The executive producer is Owenna Griffiths. Studio direction from Jack Graysmark.

The Today Podcast
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