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The Viall Files

Mediation Premiere with Naz Perez


Today we welcome you back to another episode of Viall Files to introduce a brand new segment, Mediation! In this format, we welcome couples, friends, enemies, coworkers, and anyone that is having a fight or is split on opinion as Nick and his guest will mediate the argument and help get to the bottom of who was right, who was wrong, and what takeaways our callers can have moving forward. We are joined yet again by Former Bachelor Producer, TV Host, Correspondent, and Founder of Heart Broken Anonymous, Naz Perez. Join us in welcoming this new format as our callers argue about when is it appropriate to play videogames, and how the methods of seasoning tacos can lead to major turmoil in a relationship. 

“There is simply just sometimes a right way to do some things”

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