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The WAN Show

We Shattered a Community - WAN Show March 3, 2023

The WAN Show
The WAN Show

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Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change:

(1:23) Intro.

(1:53) Topic #1: TARKOV community in shambles.

(2:36) Cheater wiggle, g0at's impact in the community.

(6:02) Mods deleting posts, WAN Show clip was a loophole.

(9:23) Tiers of participation, Sherpa, comparing to Apple.

(13:40) Streamers & community reactions, discussing game cheats.

(17:18) Implications of cheating, last game standing?

(20:52) Refunding gears, Luke on anti-cheat & replay systems.

(23:44) Banned streamers "drop kits", Linus on QOL mechanic.

(26:56) TARKOV COO responds, community response to posts.

(28:59) Linus on Steam trading & virtual value, Luke on WAN clip.

(31:09) Banning cheaters "for more money," suggested features.

(35:54) g0at viewer count after last WAN Show.

(36:28) Topic #2: Millennial pause.

(38:39) Linus's interests, defines a millennial pause.

(40:05) Linus's "rant" while showcasing a millennial pause.

(42:37) Luke on zoomers watching more YT, Linus's Note 9.

(44:20) Wikipedia article, Linus on preshow & unsynced WAN.

(47:49) Millennial stereotypes, Linus's mom's microwave story.

(50:08) Linus's school past, Wikipedia versus dictionary.

(52:29) History of videos, retail therapy, boomer benefits.

(55:16) Linus on LMG, compensations & real estate.

(1:00:14) Luke on grocery prices, Linus's $20 pasta.

(1:04:23) Topic #3: IOC declares Esports for Olympics 2024.

(1:05:38) Luke on odd game choices, Linus tries Tic Tac Bow.

(1:10:42) Luke covers list of games, discussing chess.

(1:15:08) Zwift cycling, DDR idea, racing games.

(1:21:29) Virtual regatta, taekwondo's indie console.

(1:24:53) Sponsors.

(1:29:31) LTTStore's new tech pouch ft. Linus's items.

(1:35:46) Pouch's size to be updated, new 2023 stickers.

(1:38:32) Printed t-shirts back in stock.

(1:39:32) Merch Messages #1 ft. Subathon WAN show idea.

(1:40:25) Why does LTT tech pouch look similar to Peak Design's?

(1:43:52) Follow-up to uncensored WAN Show's monetization.

(1:45:00) Linus's biggest regret related to LMG?

(1:52:56) Topic #4: Luke's past with LTT & NCIX.

(1:56:24) Luke on taxes & his friend's wage, Linus on "moats."

(1:59:22) Luke slept when recording Linus for NCIX.

(2:01:27) Linus explains his analogy, Dan on the Christmas album.

(2:04:12) Merch Messages #2.

(2:06:22) Topic #5: AMD challenge update.

(2:06:30) Linus & Luke on heat rising.

(2:09:22) Luke's mineral oil cases, LMG on mineral oil cooling.

(2:11:32) Linus will build one if Luke daily drives it.

(2:13:02) Luke's drives, Linus suggests mineral oil NAS.

(2:16:05) Luke's past stolen items, PC systems.

(2:20:26) Playing Bandminton versus Steven.

(2:21:11) Topic #6: Nokia's G22 repairable phone.

(2:27:04) Generational improvement of phones.

(2:29:46) LTTStore leather screwdriver holster mock-up.

(2:33:59) Topic #7: Ford's patent for a self-towing car.

(2:36:36) Linus on Tesla's LIDAR software, summary of Ford's patent.

(2:39:32) Topic #8: Ludwig's microvan stolen, Redditor helps return it.

(2:39:47) Linus's car & luxury tax.

(2:42:54) Topic #9: RTX Video Super Resolution webcam upscaling.

(2:52:42) Merch Messages #3.

(3:38:58) Outro.

(3:39:32) Slav messages Linus about a session photo.

The WAN Show
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