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Tom Nelson

Australian politician John Ruddick: Global boiling denier | Tom Nelson Pod #194

Tom Nelson
Tom Nelson

Member of NSW Parliament. Libertarian Party. @LibDemNSW. Global boiling denier.

Often write for @SpectatorOz

00:00 Introduction to Global Boiling

00:25 John Ruddock's Journey in Politics

01:21 The Maiden Speech Tradition

03:00 The Global Boiling Delusion

07:49 The Influence of Al Gore

13:51 The Impact of Global Boiling on Australia

19:00 The Future of Global Boiling

31:52 Conclusion and Final Thoughts


Ruddick’s maiden speech: https://twitter.com/LibertariansNSW/status/1674367947454943232

Prophet of Doom vs Ruddick: https://twitter.com/LibDemNSW/status/1721299736593043906

2021: THE UNBELIEVABLE ORIGINS OF 'CLIMATE SCIENCE' | John Ruddick and Ian Plimer Extended Interview: https://youtu.be/I2UU_1O-7to?si=IcwxgHDDejDfqBL0

2021, ($), Plimer and Ruddick: REVEALED: Al Gore’s real climate catastrophe https://www.spectator.com.au/2021/04/revealed-al-gores-real-climate-catastrophe/


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Tom Nelson
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