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Tom Nelson

Dave White: Climate Change Truth | Tom Nelson Pod #182

Tom Nelson
Tom Nelson

Chemical Engineer with Masters level study in Statistics


00:00 Introduction and Guest Background

00:22 Climate Change Skepticism and Early Career

01:21 Climate Change Truth and Tree Planting Initiatives

02:24 CO2 Measurement and Data Accuracy

03:10 CO2 Absorption by Trees and Roadside Planting

03:59 Challenges in Climate Research Funding

04:52 Impact of COVID on CO2 Levels

05:23 Critique of the Keeling Curve and CO2 Data Manipulation

07:06 Scientific Belief Systems and Climate Change Consensus

09:06 Greenhouse Gases and Climate Models

11:40 Climate Change and Deforestation

12:37 Climate Change and Astrophysical Warming

16:30 Climate Change and Ocean Acidification

19:34 Climate Change and Earth's Tilt

21:09 Climate Change and Temperature Data

21:42 Climate Change and Sea Ice

22:15 Climate Change and Heat Maps

28:53 Climate Change and Storm Patterns

31:24 Analyzing Weather Patterns and Storm Tracks

32:03 The Need for a New Meteorologist

32:20 Global Sea Rise and Climate Change

34:31 The Impact of Deforestation on Oxygen Levels

35:31 The Greening of Earth and Photosynthesis

36:17 The Amazon Rainforest and Oxygen Production

37:16 The Impact of Decreasing Oxygen Levels

41:35 The Salmon Protection Device and its Impact

42:09 The Role of Sea Lions in Salmon Population

47:48 Climate Drivers and the Role of Volcanoes

52:19 Wrapping Up and Future Research

About Dave White: https://cctruth.org/about/dave-white/





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