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Tom Nelson

Gregory Wrightstone: Celebrate CO2! | Tom Nelson Pod #189

Tom Nelson
Tom Nelson

Geologist, Executive Director CO2 Coalition, Expert Reviewer IPCC AR6

00:00 Introduction

00:20 Meet the Expert: Gregory Wrightstone

00:42 The Journey to Climate Change Skepticism

01:08 The CO2 Coalition: A New Perspective on Climate Change

03:16 The Growth and Impact of the CO2 Coalition

04:54 Exploring the CO2 Coalition's Educational Initiatives

07:11 The Nobel Laureate's Stand Against Climate Alarmism

10:08 The Realities of Climate Change: A Geologist's Perspective

20:29 The Impact of Climate Policies on Agriculture

31:16 The Fight Against Climate Alarmism: Successes and Challenges




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