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Tom Nelson

Harold Seneker: Forbes 400 journalist tackles climate change hysteria | Tom Nelson Pod #192

Tom Nelson
Tom Nelson

About Harold Seneker: I am a retired financial writer and editor, whose most notable contribution was initiating and managing for years the Forbes 400, the annual listing of the richest people in America, and then of Forbes' lists of World Billionaires. So when the question of anthropogenic global warming came up for me, I could approach this new issue with an open mind and reporting skills, and no built-in biases or assumptions other than a well-honed skepticism about the truthfulness of people in high positions. If climate alarmism had proved justified, I would be in the forefront of people supporting it. However, what I found was different.

00:00 Introduction

00:15 Meet Harold Senecker: A Retired Journalist

00:53 Creating the Forbes 400

04:47 Investigating Anthropogenic Global Warming

05:47 The Controversy of East Anglia University's Data

08:37 The Medieval Warm Period and the Hockey Stick Graph

10:49 The Role of Journalism in Climate Change Research

14:03 The Impact of Carbon Dioxide and Methane on Global Warming

35:12 The Influence of Milankovitch Cycles on Earth's Climate

44:59 Conclusion: The Future of Climate Change Debate


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