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Tom Nelson

Jeff Reynolds: Global warming ideology wrecked science | Tom Nelson Pod #193

Tom Nelson
Tom Nelson

My name is Jeff Reynolds, and I am Senior Investigative Researcher at Restoration of America. The research team dives into meaty political and social topics and produces articles and reports at Restoration-News.com. As a conservative organization, we aim to give voters the facts they need to bypass the mainstream media and make informed voting decisions. I previously wrote a book called Behind The Curtain, which tracks the money spent by leftist billionaires and non-profit organizations to undermine American culture.

00:00 Introduction

00:10 Guest Introduction: Jeff Reynolds

01:11 The Left's Global Warming Ideology

01:20 Jeff's Journey into Climate Skepticism

04:26 The Culture of Lying in Climate Science

04:50 The Michael Mann Trial

16:32 The Impact of Climate Policies on Farming

16:56 Public Opinion on Climate Change

22:50 Elon Musk's Views on Climate Change

23:57 Climate Debate and the U.S. Presidential Election

24:31 Inflation and the Climate Agenda

25:18 Discussion on Bjorn Lomborg's Climate Policy Analysis

26:23 Debunking Climate Change Myths

28:17 Data Manipulation in Climate Science

30:06 The Rise of Alternative Media

31:10 The Influence of Billionaires and Foundations on Media

36:43 Climate Activism and its Funding

45:21 The Fall of the World Economic Forum's Reputation

46:47 Recommended Climate Change Resources

48:14 Conclusion: The Importance of Climate Change Awareness

My current project is the report for ROA called, How the Left’s Global Warming Ideology Wrecked Science—And How to Stop It. https://www.restorationofamerica.com/restoration-news/environmentalism/how-the-lefts-global-warming-ideology-wrecked-science-and-how-to-stop-it-pt-1/

About Jeff Reynolds book: Behind The Curtain: https://jefferyreynolds.net/behind-the-curtain



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