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Tom Nelson

Jim Hollingsworth on his book “Climate Change, A Convenient Truth” | Tom Nelson Pod #195

Tom Nelson
Tom Nelson

About Jim Hollingsworth: I have always had a keen interest in weather and thus was in charge of the weather station on campus in Junior College. We posted our predictions on the campus bulletin board.

Nine years working at the Bunker Hill Mine showed me that geologic processes take a lot of time. The Earth has changed from time to time, but it is still here. I believe it will continue with summer and winter for ages to come.

00:00 Introduction to Jim Hollingsworth and His Climate Change Views

00:42 The Journey to Writing a Book on Climate Change

01:25 Debunking Climate Change Myths

03:43 The Truth About Forest Fires

05:14 The Impact of Politics on Climate Change Perception

07:42 The Reality of Renewable Energy Sources

08:53 The Role of Fossil Fuels in Modern Society

10:12 The Truth About Electric Cars

14:32 The Impact of Climate Change on Wildlife and Plant Life

19:11 The Reality of Wind Turbines

27:22 The Importance of Carbon Dioxide in Nature

31:34 The Devastating Impact of Natural Disasters

34:53 Discussing the 1862 California Flood

35:50 Climate Change: Fact or Fiction?

37:23 The Politics of Climate Change

37:34 The Truth about Sea Level Rise

38:20 The Misconceptions about Global Warming

39:38 The Role of the Sun in Climate Change

41:06 The Controversy around the Northrum Gas Pipeline

42:36 The Misuse of Natural Resources

55:56 The Truth about Acid Rain

59:32 The Great Global Warming Swindle

01:00:21 The Hockey Stick Controversy

01:00:36 Conclusion: The Need for Better Climate Change Education

More about Jim Hollingsworth https://co2coalition.org/teammember/jim-hollingsworth/

His climate book: Climate Change: A Convenient Truth: https://a.co/d/bWMj5Ug


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