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Tom Nelson

Katie Spence: A real journalist covering climate and energy | Tom Nelson Pod #184

Tom Nelson
Tom Nelson

Katie Spence has a Bachelor’s in Analytic Philosophy from the University of Colorado, and covers various topics, focusing mainly on energy and politics for The Epoch Times. She has also covered medical industry censorship and collusion with government. Before starting her career as a journalist, Katie proudly served in the Air Force as an Airborne Operations Technician on JSTARS.

00:00 Introduction and Background

00:39 Journey into Climate and Energy Reporting

01:35 Connecting with Climate Realists

02:14 Interviewing Process and Personal Perspective

03:15 Exploring the CLINTEL Document

04:21 Air Force Background and Questioning Attitude

05:17 Climate Change and Financial Implications

05:39 Research and Reporting Process

06:10 Climate Change and CO2 Levels

09:31 Climate Change Narrative and Personal Beliefs

15:16 Climate Change and Agriculture

18:13 Electric Vehicles and Battery Production

21:45 Investigating the Bigger Picture: Global Warming and Control

22:28 The Writing Process: Research and Article Creation

24:22 Interview Preparation: Understanding the Subject

25:57 The Advantage of a Fresh Perspective

26:56 The Evolution of Perception: From Tesla Fan to Critic

27:29 The Role of Epoch Times Reporters

28:00 The Art of Interviewing: Recording and Fact-Checking

29:59 The Challenge of Communicating Complex Concepts

37:49 Uncovering Medical Industry Censorship and Collusion

42:51 The Shift in Trust: From Legacy Media to Alternative Sources



Spence: “Climate Scientists Say We Should Embrace Higher CO2 Levels”: https://www.theepochtimes.com/article/climate-scientists-say-we-should-embrace-higher-co2-levels-5551562


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