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Tom Nelson

Ken DeGraaf: Frmr fighter pilot/now CO Rep. on Chicken Little climate hysteria | Tom Nelson Pod #180

Tom Nelson
Tom Nelson

I began my AF career at the Air Force Academy where I earned a degree in Aerospace Structures, before earning my Masters of Science in Structural Dynamics on a Guggenheim Fellowship to Columbia University. During my career, I flew a whole spectrum of aircraft–Attack, Tanker/Transport, Trainer & Remotely Piloted..

DeGraaf is in the Colorado House of Representatives, District 22.

00:00 Introduction and Guest Presentation

00:59 Understanding Climate Science and Politics

02:18 The Role of CO2 and Greenhouse Gases

03:19 The Impact of Human Activity on Climate

04:16 Climate Change Predictions and Their Limitations

06:50 The Importance of Empirical Science in Climate Studies

08:23 The Effect of Atmosphere on Earth's Temperature

11:03 The Role of the Sun in Climate Change

14:41 The Impact of Increasing CO2 Levels

27:49 Manipulation of Climate Data and Concluding Remarks

31:44 Understanding the Mathematics of Climate Change

32:51 The Impact of Solar Variability on Earth's Climate

35:04 The Role of Carbon Dioxide in Climate Change

35:50 The Cost and Effectiveness of Reducing Carbon Emissions

36:56 The Flaws in Climate Change Models

38:46 The Misconceptions about Methane and Carbon Dioxide

39:09 The Politics and Funding Behind Climate Change Research

41:17 The Reality of Forest Fires and Climate Change

41:59 The Dangers of Relying Solely on Electric Grids

47:12 The Role of Politicians in Climate Change Discourse

51:26 The Future of Climate Change Policies and Public Perception

CLINTEL interview: https://clintel.org/interview-ken-degraaf/





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