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Tom Nelson

Latimer Alder: Energy Data for Dummies | Tom Nelson Pod #190

Tom Nelson
Tom Nelson

Latimer Alder is an Independent Commentator on Twitter and elsewhere. He's a Chemist by training, was a business-oriented IT guy by profession and spent a few years as The Man on the Clapham Omnibus.

00:00 Introduction and Background

00:59 The Concept of Energy for Dummies

02:42 Understanding Energy Data

03:52 The Role of Energy in Health and Sanitation

04:43 The Importance of Energy in Daily Life

05:01 The Correlation Between Energy Usage and Wealth

06:07 The Impact of Energy on Economic Status

10:07 The Science Behind Energy Production

12:32 The Future of Energy Consumption

12:45 The Reality of Energy Consumption

33:42 Understanding the Water Wheel

35:15 Harnessing the Power of Hydro

36:03 The Controversy of Nuclear Energy

37:00 The Debate on Wind Power

42:14 The Limitations of Battery Power

48:45 The Truth about Solar Energy

49:52 The Reality of Biofuels

50:47 The Potential of Tidal and Geothermal Energy

52:59 The Misconceptions about Energy and Electricity

54:35 The Reality of the Renewables Revolution


Latimer Alder: Climate Data for Dummies: https://youtu.be/sYOm0ZEmJ8o?si=KR0JOyqcZgRkq76t

Slides for this podcast: https://tomn.substack.com/p/energy-data-for-dummies


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