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Tom Nelson

Susan Crockford: Failed polar bear narrative; also their origin/evolution | Tom Nelson Pod #187

Tom Nelson
Tom Nelson

Scientist Susan Crockford has spent decades writing professional papers and books but has been blogging about polar bears for non-scientists since 2012.

Her books include Polar Bear Evolution: A Model for How New Species Arise, The Polar Bear Catastrophe That Never Happened, Sir David Attenborough and the Walrus Deception, Polar Bear Facts & Myths (for kids), and (for fiction lovers) a polar bear attack thriller set in Newfoundland called EATEN.

00:00 Introduction and Guest Presentation

00:32 Recent Developments in Polar Bear Research

01:31 Discrepancies in Polar Bear Population Reports

04:03 The Impact of Climate Change on Polar Bear Populations

05:08 Challenges in Polar Bear Population Management

05:38 Historical Perspective on Polar Bear Populations

08:07 The Politics of Polar Bear Research

10:13 The Role of Indigenous Knowledge in Polar Bear Research

13:46 The Consequences of Speaking Out in Polar Bear Research

23:35 Exploring Polar Bear Evolution

32:56 The Mystery of Animal Transformation

33:22 Debunking Genetic Mutation Theory

34:06 The Role of Thyroid Hormone in Animal Transformation

36:33 Understanding Hormonal Rhythms

38:27 The Hypothesis of Hormonal Selection

39:58 The Theory's Reception and Testability

41:17 Challenges in Measuring Thyroid Hormone

41:39 Potential Testing Methods and Future Research

46:29 Exploring Polar Bear Evolution

01:00:34 The Role of Thyroid Hormone in Species Differentiation

01:03:30 The Process of Animal Domestication

01:07:14 Closing Remarks




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