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Tom Nelson

Viterito/Kamis/Yim/Catt: Impacts of Geothermal Energy on Climate | Tom Nelson Pod #181

Tom Nelson
Tom Nelson

Presenters, in order: Arthur Viterito, James Kamis, Wyss Yim, Brian Catt

0:00 Introduction

01:46 Art Viterito: Mid-Ocean Geothermal Flux

23:53 James Kamis: The Plate Climatology Theory

42:34 Wyss Yim: Geothermal impacts of volcanoes

01:09:03 Brian Catt: Do Submarine Volcanoes Change Climate?

01:41:51 Q and A

Slides for this podcast: https://tomn.substack.com/p/impacts-of-geothermal-energy-on-climate


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