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Tom Nelson

Wyss Yim: Volcanic eruptions and climate variability | Tom Nelson Pod #177

Tom Nelson
Tom Nelson

Earth systems scientist

PhD University of Tasmania

Doctor of Science University of London

Worked at the University of Hong Kong for 35 years until retirement where he taught geoscience courses

Deputy Chairman of the Climate Change Science Implementation Team of UNESCO’s International Year of Planet Earth 2007-2009

Honorary Science Advisor, Association for Geoconservation, Hong Kong

My initial interest in climate change was because of my search for explanations for Hong Kong’s temperature, rainfall and sea-level record

00:00 Introduction and Background

00:13 Guest Introduction and Career Overview

01:34 Impact of Volcanic Eruptions on Climate

03:09 Exploring Specific Volcanic Eruptions and Their Effects

06:38 The Role of Submarine Volcanic Eruptions in Climate Change

09:23 The Impact of Volcanic Eruptions on Sea Levels

13:45 The Influence of Volcanic Eruptions on Ocean Heat Waves and Extreme Weather Events

16:09 Understanding the Classification of Volcanic Eruptions

20:47 The Role of Volcanic Eruptions in Sea Level Changes

38:09 Concluding Remarks and Future Research Directions

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Tom Nelson
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