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Uncharted: Crime and mayhem in the music industry

Who Killed Jam Master Jay? | 2

At around 7:30 on the cold, rainy evening of Wednesday, October 30, 2002, someone walked into the lounge of a recording studio in Jamaica, Queens, New York and fatally shot Jason Mizell with a 40-calbire gun: once to the body and another to the head…he died instantly…and whoever pulled the trigger just walked away…
This was big news…Mizell was better known as Jam Master Jay, the DJ behind Run-DMC—one of the group’s founders in 1982—and one of the most important hip-hop artists in the known universe…
There were been witnesses—but they disagree on what actually happened…there may have been leads—but they all went nowhere…what happened to the security camera footage?…was it tampered with?...and why didn’t the police follow up properly?...for more than two decades, this cold-blooded murder has gone unsolved…
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Uncharted: Crime and mayhem in the music industry
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