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Uncomfortable Conversations with Josh Szeps

THE PANEL: Elon, Vapes & Lyin' Politicians

Uncomfortable Conversations with Josh Szeps
Uncomfortable Conversations with Josh Szeps

Josh had a tradition on his radio show. Each Friday, he’d banter with two celebrities about the news. Well, behold this first-ever inaugural grand honorary opening maiden extravaganza lollapalooza: The Uncomfortable Conversations Panel.

This week, our guests are the two most interesting people in the world: Sarah Wilson and Jessie Stephens. Sarah’s podcast is Wild, which you should listen to. She’s also a multi-New York Times best-selling author, social philosopher and keynote speaker. Jessie’s podcasts are Mamamia Out Loud and Cancelled, which you should also listen to. She’s also a best-selling author. They’re both rather impressive and you should follow them.

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In this week’s conversation, a judge strips Elon Musk of his big fat bonus, the government bans vapes, and the UK prime minister practices serrrrrrrious intermittent fasting. Let us know what you think in the Substack comments. Enjoy.

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Uncomfortable Conversations with Josh Szeps
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