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Wars That Shaped The World

2 - The Air War

Wars That Shaped The World
Wars That Shaped The World
Welcome to the first 24-hour news war. Saddam called it the ‘mother of all battles’. American jets, he proclaimed, would be blasted from Iraqi skies. The world was glued to rolling news channels as a very different conflict unfolded. Missiles and smart bombs rained down on Baghdad. In response Saddam launched Scud missiles at Israel, trying to explode the conflict into a Middle East-wide war. The world watched, and held its breath. 

Narrated by Paul Waggott
Written by Robin Scott Elliot
Production and Sound Design by Holy Smokes Audio
Executive Producers Tony Pastor + Neil Fearn
A Goalhanger Podcasts Production
Amal El-hawrani
Nezar Alderazi
Terry Silverthorne
Kasper Michaels
Cherise Silvestri
Amina-Rose Jameel
Yusef Jameel
Ali Al-Saffu
Tim Skinner
Thomas Mitchells
Abdelrahman Alhato
Qutaiba F. Abdelhaq
Tony E. Walker
Dorien Jaye
Ahmad Al Al Ketbi
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Wars That Shaped The World
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