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Wars That Shaped The World

2 - The Old Master’s last hurrah

Wars That Shaped The World
Wars That Shaped The World
Douglas MacArthur had no military equal, at least in his own mind. The veteran and hero of the victory over Japan believed he could do the same in Korea and with an audacious amphibious landing at Inchon turned the war on its head. The Reds were on the run, victory for the US, British and rest of the United Nations forces seemed inevitable. Could anything stop General MacArthur’s final triumph?

Narrated by Paul Waggott
Written by Robin Scott Elliot
Production and Sound Design by Holy Smokes Audio
Executive Producers Tony Pastor + Neil Fearn
A Goalhanger Podcasts Production

William Roberts as General Douglas MacArthur
Lance Fuller as General Stratemayer
Julian Alexander as Bulldog Walker
Tim Licata
Zhang Hongtao
Wang Hui
Boyoung Jo
Thomas Mitchells
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Wars That Shaped The World
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