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Wars That Shaped The World

4 - Back with a vengeance

Wars That Shaped The World
Wars That Shaped The World
“I know the longest day and all that stuff, but this really was a hell of a long day.” The first 24 hours of D-Day were make or break – on Gold, Juno and Sword beaches the British and Canadian forces had to get inland and dig in before the panzers arrived. Fail and they faced being thrown back into the sea. 

Narrated by Paul Waggott
Written by Robin Scott Elliot
Production and Sound Design by Holy Smokes Audio
Executive Producers Tony Pastor + Neil Fearn
A Goalhanger Podcasts Production

Mike Lyons
Timothy Knutsen
Micky Vee
Thomas Mitchells
Lukas Weschler
Alex Figueiredo
Carolyn Saint Pe
Alexander Pinault
Mustafa Bouanani
Morrison James
Karim Kronfli
Darcey Ferguson
Alex Magliaro
Joel Emery
Adam Jarrell
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Wars That Shaped The World
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