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Wars That Shaped The World

4 - The Aftermath

Wars That Shaped The World
Wars That Shaped The World
‘It looked like what you’d always imagine hell would.’ General Norman Schwarzkopf masterminded the US-led coalition’s crushing victory. Afterwards Stormin Norman flew along the Highway of Death, the road out of Kuwait, looking down on what his troops had done. Schwarzkopf’s men freed Kuwait and shattered the Iraqi army, its charred remains littering the highway – but did the outcome make further conflict inevitable?

Narrated by Paul Waggott
Written by Robin Scott Elliot
Production and Sound Design by Holy Smokes Audio
Executive Producers Tony Pastor + Neil Fearn
A Goalhanger Podcasts Production
Amal El-hawrani
Nezar Alderazi
Terry Silverthorne
Kasper Michaels
Cherise Silvestri
Amina-Rose Jameel
Yusef Jameel
Ali Al-Saffu
Tim Skinner
Thomas Mitchells
Abdelrahman Alhato
Qutaiba F. Abdelhaq
Tony E. Walker
Dorien Jaye
Ahmad Al Al Ketbi
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Wars That Shaped The World
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