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We Don't Have Time For This

Am I “Normal” Ragey or, like, Problem Ragey?

We Don't Have Time For This
We Don't Have Time For This
Well it’s a hellfire week (do we just call this Tuesday?) this week. The house of cards has well and truly crumbled and we’re at the bottom of the pile asking “how do we keep this high vibes?”. Gem has been dodging and re-dodging sickness and schedule nightmares and Revz is navigating a new frontier in hormonal upheaval. Yep, we’re back to obsessing about testosterone, oestrogen, sleep, temperates.. and weren’t we done with this era? (Cycle says no). Then Revz admits something she’s always been afraid to confront which makes us a touch sad. Then Gem is getting itchy, seven year itchy to be precise and she needs to unpack it right now in order to not do ANYTHING about it. 

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We Don't Have Time For This
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