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We Don't Have Time For This

Chronic Parenting Fatigue

We Don't Have Time For This
We Don't Have Time For This
Well, well, well, someone dressed up (a.k.a did their hair) for today’s record and someone (cough, cough, Gem) isn’t happy about it. Then Revz recently revealed her one and only phobia to her partner and it reminded us of her straight weirdness. Gem needs to help because Revz can barely say it out loud. Then Gem’s friend went on a WILD date and has given permission for us to share a bananas dating story with you. Gross out warning, it’s a really *filthy* story. Then Revz is struggling with day-to-day parenting fatigue and she wants to know, do we ALL feel this way or is there a deeper problem going on? Spoiler, there’s something deeper going on. Thanks for tuning in on another Tuesday with your besties, DLs! 
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Gem: B.Box Lunch Boxes
Revz: Saint Jack Makeup Brush Cleaner

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We Don't Have Time For This
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