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We Don't Have Time For This

The Hierarchy Of Birthing Styles

We Don't Have Time For This
We Don't Have Time For This
Well, we are UP to mischief, DLs. And you know we’re gonna over-share about it, because at this point we are quite literally professional over-sharers. But first up today, do men do everything in reverse from us? Including thinking? Gem thinks so. Gem also thinks Revz is just putting too much pressure on the people in her life and she needs it to stop. Revz is on a mission to get a rather questionable side-hustle started and she’s apparently crowd-sourcing the marketing plan. And Gem does not have time for any kind of birth shaming (and she’s seeing more of if than she’d like). Happy start to the week DLs, we hope it’s less chaotic than ours! 

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We Don't Have Time For This
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