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Whistle Through The Shamrocks

Whistle Through The Shamrocks: Episode 3

“There’s always a sun on the horizon, just waiting for Mr. Moon to get into his little bed.”

With the Banshee’s warning ringing in their ears, and Eloisa Louisa nowhere to be found, the O’Flanerhyn family are met with  an influx of wedding guests, including a mysterious man from the Fall’s Road, and an unnerving priest and nun duo.

What has become of Eloisa Louisa? Why is Simpy crying all the time? And why does Aunt Bernadette have phone signal in Ballysnavoughereen?

A comedy written and created by Nicola Coughlan and Camilla Whitehill

Editors - Alexis Adimora and Diggory Waite

Producer - Chris Jones

Executive Producer - Claire Broughton

Ep 3 Cast:

Jamie Beamish

Cat Cohen

Nicola Coughlan

Ed Gamble

Louisa Harland

Paul Mallon

Ben Miller

Brennock O'Connor

Kiell Smith Bynoe

Jonathan Van Ness

Amalia Vitale

Camilla Whitehill

Susan Wokoma

A Hat Trick Podcast 2021


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Whistle Through The Shamrocks


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