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Wine for Normal People

A Trip to Portugal -- Wine Insights & Travel Tips

Wine for Normal People
Wine for Normal People

This show is a recap of the wine experiences that we had while spending three weeks in Portugal and tasting through as much of the wines from that country as we could!

Our itinerary included:

The Algarve in the southern part of the country – a beautiful, dramatic seaside area with sandstone and limestone cliffs, which drop into the sea. There, we stayed in Lagos, a lovely town with excellent food and some fantastic wine bars including Mosto (the best!), Taninos (also quite good), and Barbosa restaurant.

Other great restaurants were Pomo Italian and La Piazzetta Pizzeria Italiana in Odiaxére near Lagos (both run by real Italians with good Italian wine!), and Saffron Indian Restaurant.

Mosto Wine Shop in Lagos

Although we found that the native wines of the Algarve weren’t for us, we did have great bottles from Peninsula de Sétubal, Dão, and Douro, and some great Madeira and Port.

Then we spent a week in Cascais, outside of Lisbon. We visited the wine regions of Colares and Évora, a sub region of the Alentejo region.

I loved the wines of the oldest co-op in Europe in Colares – Adega Regional de Colares, which has helped keep winemaking alive in this small region and in Évora/Alentejo, the magical wines of Fitapreta.

This pod is full of travel tips and our recommendations of specific wines if you happen to be heading to central and southern Portugal. Enjoy!

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Wine for Normal People
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