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Bolgheri, Tuscany -- the Birthplace of the Super Tuscan Movement

Wine for Normal People
Wine for Normal People

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This time, we decided to do this show as a good set up for next week’s show with Stefania Fuselli, one of the sisters who runs Le Vigne di Silvia, an outstanding family winery that the Patrons and I visited while in Bolgheri. I am so excited to share that winery with you, but I felt it would be a better experience if we first explained what Bolgheri is, since as MC Ice points out, it’s still a little obscure to many people.

Map: Wikipedia

The bottom line: Bolgheri is the birthplace of the ‘Super Tuscan’ movement

Bolgheri is a small DOC on the Tuscan coast in the province of Livorno, where the hills taper off to the sea. Bolgheri itself is a tiny village (blink and you may miss it!), famed for a cypress-lined avenue that is one of the most photographed sites in Italy! Bolgheri is home to the OG “Super Tuscan” wine – Sassicaia (Tenuta San Guido), which now has its own DOC – Bolgheri Sassicaia (the only monopole in Italy).

Photo: Bolgheri Mountains. Credit: Wine For Normal People

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Wine for Normal People
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