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Wine for Normal People

Madeira -- The best wine you may be missing out on...

Wine for Normal People
Wine for Normal People

As suggested by patron Keith S, this week we take a detailed look at Madeira, the Portuguese island that makes a unique and delicious fortified wine! We discuss the very important history (it’s why the wine is made the way it is, so even if you hate history, don’t skip that part!), the geography and climate of this far-flung island, the grapes that thrive here, and the unbelievable way this fortified wine has been made for centuries.

Photo: Frasqueira Madeira, Boal 1977. Source: Getty Images (canva)

From the single varieties, to dryness levels, to aging levels, we give a broad overview of this complex wine. We share the facts about the wine and sprinkle in commentary about why we love it so much. There is always a bottle around here for a reason (and part of that reason: you can open it and it won’t spoil for months and months…!).

Ditch your idea of cheap cooking versions, this is the real Madeira and we hope this inspires you to try it!

As promised here is a list of the Madeira brands:

  • HM Borges, Henriques & Henriques, J. Faria & Filhos, Justinos, Don Pablo, Pereira d’Oliveira, Barbeito, Broadbent, Madeira Vintners, and Madeira Wine Company (owns Blandy’s, Cossart Gordon, Miles Madeira, Atlantis)

Photo: The HM Borges Sercial and the Caracol from FitaPreta, DOC Madeirense.
Credit: WfNP

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Wine for Normal People
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