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Wine for Normal People

New Zealand -- The Overview

Wine for Normal People
Wine for Normal People

How can it be that we have never done an overview on New Zealand? We decided to remedy that this week. This is a sweeping look at the two-island nation that has a huge wine reputation, even though it only accounts for 1% of the wine made in the world.

In this show, we give an overview of the wine history of New Zealand, which is probably longer than you think, and then go through the regions to tell you how they differ from one another, why they are unique and the top wines you should look for. Although Marlborough represents 70% of wine made, we encourage you to look beyond it and try some of the other regions, which may just revive your love for the place with the most southerly wine regions in the world!

Check out the show notes for the podcasts that we've done that focus on specific areas of New Zealand with Happy Wine Woman , Simone Madden-Gray and Jeff Clarke of O:TU

Here are the podcasts we reference in the show:

Materials for the show from and the podcast referenced above: https://www.nzwine.com/en/

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Wine for Normal People
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