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Wine for Normal People

Stefania Fuselli of Le Vigne di Silvia in Bolgheri, Tuscany -- Family, Football, Fortitude, & Fantastic Wine

Wine for Normal People
Wine for Normal People

When we were on our last day of the Patron trip in Tuscany, we had our final dinner in Bolgheri at a fairly new winery, Le Vigne di Silvia. This farm is owned by a family that was as kind as they could be. It was everything you could hope for when visiting an Italian family -- great food, welcoming hospitality, homey vibe, and great wine!

Photo: Stefania Fuselli, left. Silvia Fuselli, right. Credit: Le Vigne di Silvia

Le Vigne di Silvia was started by Silvia Fuselli, famed former pro footballer (soccer player), her brilliant sister Stefania, the star of this podcast, and her parents.

Photo: From left to right Silvia Fuselli, Carlo Fuselli, Stefania Fuselli, Lavinia Fuselli. Credit: Le Vigne di Silvia

There's nothing better than finding a family-owned winery where the wines are great and the people making them as wonderful. The Vermentino (Giochessa) was outstanding, the Artemio (Cab/Cab Franc blend) silky and lovely, and the Itinerante (all Cabernet Franc) nuanced and layered.

Stefania shares her family's story, how the winery got started, and shares great information about Bolgheri.

The show is such a great look at what it takes to start a winery (and about the history of immigration in Italy too!). This upstart has a huge future. The only downside --as of the release of this show, they aren't imported into the US yet, so if you know anyone, contact me or them! I know many people who will pre-order -- me included!

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Wine for Normal People
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