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Wine for Normal People

The Grape Miniseries -- Marsanne

Wine for Normal People
Wine for Normal People

This time we dive into one of the three main grapes of the Northern Rhône: Marsanne. Related to Roussanne, the grape with which it is almost always blended, this grape reaches its heights in the wines of Hermitage in northern Rhône and does exceptional things around the world from Victoria and South Australia, to the US, to New Zealand and South Africa.

Photo: Chante-Alouette from Chapoutier, the wine we mention in the show.
Credit: Wine For Normal People

Although not a grape you will encounter as a standalone varietal that often, its contribution to the great whites of the Rhone can’t be underestimated. This grape is vital to understand if you are interested in diving deeper into the world of Rhône whites (which you definitely should do!).

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Wine for Normal People
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