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Wine for Normal People

Wine Travel -- The Inside Scoop on How to Have an Awesome Trip

Wine for Normal People
Wine for Normal People

In this show, we share our best tips for traveling to wine regions. We cover planning and research, the best time of year to visit, and important factors once you’re on the ground. From getting a shipper so your wine is ready to check or ship, to stocking up on gas and provisions, to traveling with kids, we’ve got you covered.

Photo: Château Phelan-Segur. Credit: Wine For Normal People

Some key resources we mention: The WFNP podcast catalog is a great resource for finding wineries I recommend: www.winefornormalpeople.libysyn.com

The information on getting wine home, as published on the US Customs & Border Site: https://help.cbp.gov/s/article/Article-212?language=en_US

I hope you enjoy this show and it makes wine travel more fun and relaxing! Happy trails!

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Wine for Normal People
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