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You and Me and BPD

Spiraling & BPD Episodes

In this episode, I try to contextualize the idea of Spiraling and how it can lead to what some people call a 'BPD Episode.' Spiraling, to me, is kind of like falling down the rabbit hole; it usually begins when I experience some negative self talk and can lead to feelings of existential dread or overwhelming sadness. For many people, Spiraling leads to 'Episodes;' times where we might lash out against others or experience rage because we have been triggered and don't know how to engage in safe emotional regulation. Episodes can last from a few minutes to sometimes hours or days, causing increased stress and physical exhaustion. In my experiences, it's important that I meet my spiraling with a lot of self compassion; remembering that I have experienced many of the same emotions before and providing myself the time to really sit with how I am feeling in a safe and mindful way. Therapy and having a safety plan if we become overwhelmed can be extremely helpful if you are just beginning to pay attention to your triggers and what an episode is like. BPD is a very individualized disorder; what works for one of us might not work for others so open communication is extremely important if you want to know how to help someone when they begin to spiral. Always remember that asking for help is a very brave thing to do; you are never alone in your struggles to get better. I am right there with you. If you want to reach out about this episode or just to talk, message me on instagram @journey.bound ❤️
You and Me and BPD


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