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Alpha Blokes Podcast

Ep. 226 - Yarn of the Year #4

Alpha Blokes Podcast
Alpha Blokes Podcast

The final instalment to crown the Alpha Blokes Yarn of the Year is here. Every winner of a prestigious Carry On Cap is going head to head and will be decided by YOU, the trendsetters. Vote for your favourite yarn of this episode in the trendsetters group, the post will be pinned: https://www.facebook.com/groups/3422825401323123

Bought to you by Better Beer Zero Carb: www.betterbeer.com.au

1:00 - School caretaker

2:20 - Courting poem

4:04 - Pretending to be a car salesman

7:31 - Uncle Jacko's motivation

9:10 - The olympian swimmer from Mildura

12:26 - Marketplace box trailer

15:30 - Bus driver and Balan-singh

19:00 - Wiggsy's limericks

20:57 - Avocadogate

22:50 - Sentient cows

25:00 - Non profit whoreganisations

27:00 - Violated vagina

29:35 - One nut wonder from down under

32:00 - Methamphetamine in WW2

37:00 - When a truckie lets you pass

38:40: CSI: Filthy Yarn Unit

39:28: Never give up

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Alpha Blokes Podcast
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