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Alpha Blokes Podcast

Ep. 232 - Conquering Everest Base Camp feat. Sam Pitty Davey

Alpha Blokes Podcast
Alpha Blokes Podcast

Mate of the show Pitty joins us for a yarn after just coming back from ticking off a big bucket list adventure: trekking Mount Everest base camp. Pitty takes us through what inspired him to take the jump to tackle such a physical and mental challenge, and dives in to his wild travels to the Tenzing-Hilary followed by the full rundown on what tackling the Everest base camp entails. The true embodiment of becoming the Alpha of your own life, this was an absolute ripper episode with some wild stories from Pitty and it was unreal to hear what he's got planned next. Enjoy legends!

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0:00 - Why Everest Base Camp

9:20 - Tenzing-Hilary Airport

11:58 - Equipment and Fitness

17:00 - The 10 Day Trek

44:05 - Alpha Blokes Sticker at Base Camp

46:10 - LOD Nightclub

51:50 - Tips for Aspiring Mountaineers

54:50 - The Backflip

1:04:26 - Guest Questions

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Alpha Blokes Podcast
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