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Alpha Blokes Podcast

Ep. 233 - Rose Hoses

Alpha Blokes Podcast
Alpha Blokes Podcast

Our resident doot technican has visited us all and all three of us officially have the cleanest holes in the podcast game. Cambo has been deep in DKC on a bucks party and we discuss the hecticness of school holidays coming to an end. Wagyu Gyzers make an appearance in Cooking with Daddy and we bump into The Poo's cousin during the news. Some great motivational clips to bring the show to a close before finishing off with a couple of carry on's. Enjoy legends, rip in to your week!

Bought to you by Better Beer Zero Carb: www.betterbeer.com.au

0:00 - Intro

6:50 - Cam's weekend in DKC

14:50 - The Doot Technician

27:00 - If your Dad can't grow a beard

31:19 - Cooking with Daddy

38:00 - Alpha News

1:04:13 - Motivation

1:14:10 - Trendsetters

1:18:12 - Carry On's

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Alpha Blokes Podcast
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