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Alpha Blokes Podcast

Ep. 235 - CQ Fight Club

Alpha Blokes Podcast
Alpha Blokes Podcast

First rule about biffing on the flats, is you don't tell anyone about the flats. Tommy is off to Brissy next week so we run through the plan for Cambo and Quinn to hold the fort at HQ. Heaps has happened since being together last, including a start (and nearly a finish) on our brand new biffing ring. We go through what we got up to on our Australia Day weekends, followed by items we now cannot live without as we've grown older and more "you've got two Mums" scenarios. Cooking with Daddy dabbles in the duck fat game as the boys prepare to go Carnivore for the month of February followed by an update on Fart in the Bath during the News. Bit of a fire up and content from the Trendsetters Group to finish things off. Enjoy legends!

Bought to you by Better Beer Zero Carb: www.betterbeer.com.au

0:00 - Intro, Aus Day Weekends

6:11 - CQ Fight Club

17:45 - Luxuries we cannot live without

30:20 - Two Mums

33:19 - Cooking with Daddy

38:11 - Alpha News

50:47 - Motivation

55:43 - Trendsetters Group

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Alpha Blokes Podcast
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