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Believe: Paranormal & UFO Podcast

Night Shift #61 Y2K Nostalgia, AARO News & Cryptid Encounters (Member Preview)

Believe: Paranormal & UFO Podcast
Believe: Paranormal & UFO Podcast

With open lines for caller contributions, Kade starts with an update on recent developments in the U.S. regarding UFOs. Highlighting the resignation of Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick from the Pentagon's UFO investigation office, he expresses concern about the general silence on the subject from mainstream media. Moira also invites listener opinion regarding an incident involving a boar purportedly ripped in half by a Yaoi, keeping an open mind towards all possibilities. The narrative then veers towards personal experiences and the Y2K phenomenon, which had sparked widespread fear of global chaos at the turn of the millennium. Towards the end, Kade reveals plans for a documentary at Hill End, detailing his hopes to authenticate some paranormal experiences in the area.

00:30 Open Lines and Tonight's Topics

00:57 Discussion on UFOs and Political System

01:33 Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick's Resignation and its Impact

02:15 Reading an Article from Politico

03:31 Speculations on Kirkpatrick's Future

04:40 Kirkpatrick's Tenure and Achievements

06:34 Criticism and Controversies

07:54 Reflections on Kirkpatrick's Legacy

11:15 Open Lines for Listener's Opinions

11:39 Discussion on Dog Man in Australia

12:56 Reminiscing Y2K and its Impact

18:28 Listener's Call and Discussion on Chinese Zodiac

25:41 Discussion on Chinese and Mayan Calendars

26:34 Mysterious Pot Plant Incident

27:55 Invisible Animal Theory

29:32 Exploring the History and Mysteries of Picton

30:13 Aboriginal Sacred Sites and Paranormal Activities

31:08 Dealing with Invisible Entities

32:29 Announcement of Documentary Project

34:56 Debate on Viral Video of a Split Boar

39:06 Teaser for Upcoming Footage Release

41:09 Conclusion and Call to Action


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Believe: Paranormal & UFO Podcast
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