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Believe: Paranormal & UFO Podcast

S19E6: Angry Yowies in the Queensland Gemfields

Believe: Paranormal & UFO Podcast
Believe: Paranormal & UFO Podcast

Karly joins Kade to recount her fascinating and unnerving encounters on the Queensland Gemfields back in August 2019. Karly shares details about their trip, where they had unusual experiences of boulders thrown, trees being pushed, and strange noises. Initially overlooking these signs, Karly and her husband later reflected on their lack of respect for their surroundings and realised they may have provoked these aggressive disturbances, which their friend convinced them were signs of the infamous Yowie, a creature from Aboriginal folklore. Carly discusses how these experiences have influenced her understanding of the land and the lessons she's learned for future camping trips.

Time Stamps:

00:24 The Day of the Encounter

05:50 The Unusual Noises and Disturbances

14:43 The Aftermath and Reflections

15:21 The Search for Evidence

16:27 Realisation and Acceptance of the Yowie Encounter

23:29 The Second Encounter and Lessons Learned

30:39 Closing Thoughts and Reflections

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Believe: Paranormal & UFO Podcast
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