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Beyond the Illusion

Pendulum Alchemy with Erich Hunter PhD

Beyond the Illusion
Beyond the Illusion
Pendulum Alchemy is the use of a pendulum as a tool to change, transform or influence something in a way that is for the highest good of all concerned. Erich Hunter, a naturalist, healer and scientist with a Ph.D in Biology, developed this manifestation and healing system. In this episode, Erich shares how to experience the power and potential of Pendulum Alchemy to shift reality and create positive outcomes for everyone.


Erich’s lifelong interest in science, that natural world and esoteric studies led to his unique spiritual path.

How he was divinely guided to develop his pendulum work.

How do we distinguish when to apply our personal will and when to surrender to Divine Will?

What’s the difference between Pendulum Alchemy and dowsing?

What creates the power of Pendulum Alchemy to influence reality?

Erich stresses that the intention “for the highest good of all” creates a fail safe.

How to find the balance between our spiritual aspiration and our human desire.

What is the magic of circles?

Does the power of Pendulum Alchemy improve over time and with practice?

What are common beginner’s mistakes?

What is the Principle of Correspondence?

How does the concept of sacred space apply to Pendulum Alchemy?

Can a person become overly dependent on their pendulum?

How Pendulum Alchemy complements Reiki.

Erich Hunter teaches Pendulum Alchemy to help people achieve improved health, wealth, and relationships while deepening their spiritual practice and enjoyment of life. He is the author of four books on Pendulum Alchemy, offers numerous courses and a certification program on the method, and is a successful designer of high vibration of high vibration custom pendulums. People around the world are learning his methods to make their lives and the lives of those they love better. PendullumAlchemy.com Try out Erich’s free intro ecourse, Get Started with Pendulum Alchemy Watch Erich’s YouTube channel.

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Beyond the Illusion
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