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Birthing a Nation

Birthing a Nation

Birthing a Nation

Om Birthing a Nation

Birthing a Nation: Pregnancy & The Pandemic is a 10 part series that explores the human stories behind the extraordinary impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on maternity care in Ireland. Each and every woman who has given birth in this period has been affected – from those who have suffered alone when losing a baby to those who had a so-called “normal” delivery but without the advocacy and support of their partner.

Birthing A Nation: Pregnancy & The Pandemic will shine a spotlight on the challenges faced by expectant parents in Ireland today while also following Sue Murphy’s journey, as she brings us inside the system and opens up about her experience as her due date approaches.

Each episode Sue and her co-hosts Suzanne Kane and Alison Curtis will hear from a different guest who has been impacted in some way by the maternity care restrictions.

These contributors are real people from across Ireland and include women who have experienced a miscarriage, faced a challenging IVF process or a C-section. We'll also hear from the partners and healthcare workers who have fought the uphill battle of supporting women in the most vulnerable of circumstances at the most challenging time.

Birthing A Nation launches 25th September on GoLoud.


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