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Canadian True Crime

Major Case Updates and Feedback 2022—Part 1

Canadian True Crime
Canadian True Crime

[Part 1 of 2]

These episodes take you through cases we've covered that have had major or notable updates, or have attracted notable feedback. Kristi will also be responding to some of the most common feedback received.

Approximate timestamps:

(Give or take a few minutes)

3:00 National Day for Truth and Reconciliation - September 30

 24-Hour National Residential School Crisis Line 1-866-925-4419

 Take Action: The T&R Commission Calls to Action

5:00 Remembering the late Diem Saunders - sibling of Loretta Saunders

  Read: “Remembering Loretta Saunders: A MMIW Story” by Diem Saunders

9:00 Maranda Shelley Peters and Helen Betty Osborne

21:00  Supreme Court Decision affecting consecutive sentences:

- The Klaus Family Murders

- The Quebec City Mosque Shootings

- Edward Downey

- Derek Saretzky - Crime Beat series Darkness in the Pass

- Toronto Van Attack

- Dellen Millard & Mark Smich

- Douglas Garland

- Basil Borutski

35:00 The Beatle Bandit - now an awardwinning true crime book by Nate Hendley

36:00 The Murder of Laura Letts / Peter Beckett

41:00 The Death of Darcy Allan Sheppard

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Canadian True Crime
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