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Cultivate your French - Slow French

CYF 194 — Le réveillon du Nouvel An — mercredi 10 janvier 2024

Très bonne et heureuse année à vous, chers auditeurs du podcast !

On new year’s eve we were at home. We had invited our friends Isabelle and Thierry to have dinner with us. Isabelle had offered to bring some cheese because she had been staying in Savoie and she also offered to bring the dessert. Lisa asked if she could make her delicious tarte au citron. How many and what were the cheese that Isabelle had brought? What was the wine that we drunk?

All these mysteries will be revealed in today’s episode.

In the notes that come with the transcript, we will stop on these sentences that start with « c’est » to see how they work and how they are built. C’est le programme !

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Cultivate your French - Slow French
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