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Deeper with Sophie Josephina

27 - polarity when the feminine makes more money than the masculine with Max Trombly

In this week's discussion, relationship coach Max Trombly comes on the podcast to discuss the simplicity and power of polarity. Sophie and Max talk about situations in which women make more money than men in relationship, and what the solution might be to keep excitement and polarity.

02:21 Who is Max Trombly?

05:11 What is polarity?

07:45 Why resentment comes up in a relationship

11:09 The dance and flavors of polarity

13:03 How to keep polarity when SHE makes more money than HIM

16:28 What is the role of the masculine if it isn’t financial

21:23 What is the feminine responsibility when she makes more money 

24:56 What can we do to create polarity?

26:56 What he should do if she is paying for an expensive date

32:49 The embodiment work for the masculine

35:13 Energetic atunement 

37:23 Find the guy who is not too much for you

39:23 What is the provider energy

42:24 Resistance is often just a test

45:38 The true gift of the masculine 

47:44 How he can bring her back to her femininity 

50:00 Where to learn more about Max Trombly’s work

I help couples and individuals find and cultivate deeply conscious and sustainably passionate (as in Hot AF) relationships. I lead men toward lives of clear purpose, mission and capacity in pursuit of the life are meant to have.

Max Tromby is a Men's Work facilitator and Conscious Relationship Coach based in New Orleans, Louisiana.

You can learn more about Max Trombly at www.ashiftinbeing.com or on his instagram at @maxtrombly

For more on Sophie Josephina, check out her work on instagram @sophie.josephina or www.sophiejosephina.com

Deeper with Sophie Josephina


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