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Deeper with Sophie Josephina

33 - the lover vs mothering with Monica Yates

In this week episode, Sophie interviews a trauma healer, period whisperer and embodiment coach, Monica Yates and they talk about the difference between being a lover vs a mother in a relationship.

3:00 Who is Monica Yates, what it is that she does and how she got to where she is today

5:06 The biggest pain the feminine has toward masculine

9:05 How women emasculate their men without even realizing it

17:15 Difference between entitlement vs letting men to lead

23:05 What it's really like to make more money than your partner

29:15 Signs and how to stop mothering in a relationship

43:00 Codependency and the difference between caretaking and caregiving

Monica is a trauma healer, period whisperer and embodiment coach. She's a double Sagittarius and a rising Gemini, an enneagram 8 and a generator. Monica helps women get into their magnetic as fuck feminine energy, and men feel ecstasy and intimacy.

Monica’s work is commonly described as ‘unlike anything else’ and ‘indescribable.’ Over the years, Monica has become an expert in helping women step out of their masculine amour, tap into their core feminine desires and live a life in alignment. Through the use of trauma healing, inner child healing, womb clearing, womb activation, subconscious reprogramming, embodiment, somatic work and a shit ton of other modalities, she has helped thousands of women heal their cycle, reconnect with their period, break their trauma cycles and no longer be triggered by their past.

You can learn more about Monica here: monicayates.com.au

For more on Sophie Josephina, check out her work on instagram @sophie.josephina or www.sophiejosephina.com

Deeper with Sophie Josephina


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