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Briefly | 10 Mar 2023

EV News Daily
EV News Daily
It’s EV News Briefly for Friday 10th March. I’ll be back as usual at 5pm UK time, that’s Midday Eastern, for the full podcast. Patreon supporters get the episodes as soon as they’re ready AND ad free. You can be like them by clicking here.
Volkswagen is set to reveal its ID 2 electric car on 15 March. The car will be based on the MEB-Plus platform, with new battery cells and 200kW charging speeds, and may be named ID Golf.
Ford is set to launch an all-new electric vehicle for the European market on March 21, which will be one of seven new models to be released in Europe by next year. The first EV to be manufactured at the Cologne factory will be a medium-sized, five-seat crossover.
BMW is investing up to £600m in its Mini plant at Cowley, near Oxford, to prepare the plant for the production of electric models. The Neue Klasse programme is also underway, which incorporates connected vehicles, autonomous driving, and AI assistant features.
BMW increased its research and development spending in 2022 to 6.6 Billion Euros to launch its next-generation electric line-up, which will include a new 3 Series equivalent and a next-generation 5 Series electric model. The Neue Klasse models will also offer sixth-generation battery technology with up to 30% more range and charging speed.
Alfa Romeo has announced plans to launch a new all-electric SUV flagship in the second half of this decade. The new model is expected to use the STLA Large architecture from Alfa Romeo's parent company Stellantis.
Nissan is aiming to reduce the cost of production of electric and hybrid components by 30% by 2026 and make them the same price as their pure-combustion counterparts. Nissan currently sells two electric cars and e-Power hybrids, and is aiming for price parity between them and their combustion equivalents by around 2026.
NIO is releasing an estate version of their ET5 sedan in Europe, with deliveries in China set to start in July 2023. The design of the ET5 Shooting Brake looks similar to the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo.
Renault Trucks achieved a market share of 24.2% in the medium- and heavy-duty electric truck segment in Europe in 2022, selling 379 units of the E-Tech D and E-Tech D Wide models.
BYD is reportedly planning to invest over $20 billion in their commercial vehicle division over the next five years to develop, produce, and launch battery-electric commercial vehicles in multiple markets.
Tevva's 7.5t battery-electric truck has been approved for the UK government's Plug-in Truck Grant (PITrG) and is eligible for a potential £16,000 discount.
The US and EU will begin negotiations to ensure that European minerals are eligible for tax credits under the US Inflation Reduction Act. This move will strengthen supply chains for critical minerals needed for batteries in EVs and aid the growth of the clean energy economy.
Automakers are taking advantage of a tax credit loophole that incentivizes car shoppers to lease EVs, resulting in a surge in EV leasing business. Leasing could be a key component in accelerating EV adoption for both consumers and car companies.
Tesla has introduced its Magic Dock Supercharger in Long Island, New York, making it the 9th location in New York and the 2nd location with Magic Dock chargers.
Airstream and Porsche have collaborated to create a modern-looking travel trailer concept designed to be pulled by a small SUV or EV, featuring composite materials and a flat rear end and flush underside to maximize aerodynamics. It is unclear whether the concept will head to production.
Extreme E has begun its third season this weekend with a race in Saudi Arabia along the coast of the Red Sea, featuring a new 10-race format and sustainable practices, including avoiding single-use plastic during race weekends.
The average electric car sold in the US boasts a range of almost 300 miles, the highest in the world and a third higher than the global average. Analysts predict that a sweet spot of 250 to 350 miles will eventually emerge as the ideal range in the US.
In February 2023, Ukrainians registered almost 1,300 used EVs and 413 new EVs, with the average age of the vehicles being 4 years and the Nissan Leaf being the most popular model. The number of new EVs sold increased by three times compared to the same period last year.
EV News Daily
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