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Striking Power


International & National Security Law Practice Group Podcast Threats to international peace and security include the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, rogue nations, and international terrorism. In Striking Power, Professor Jeremy Rabkin and Professor John Yoo argue that the United States must respond to these challenges to its national security and to world stability by embracing new military technologies such as drones, autonomous robots, and cyber weapons. These weapons can provide more precise, less destructive means to coerce opponents to stop WMD proliferation, clamp down on terrorism, or end humanitarian disasters. Efforts to constrain new military technologies are not only doomed, Rabkin and Yoo argue, but dangerous. Most weapons in themselves are not good or evil; their morality turns on the motives and purposes for the war itself. These new weapons can send a strong message without death or severe personal injury, and as a result can make war less, rather than more, destructive. Vince Vitkowsky moderated a discussion with the authors of Striking Power about these issues and others. Featuring: Prof. Jeremy Rabkin, Professor of Law, Antonin Scalia Law School, George Mason University Prof. John Yoo, Emanuel S. Heller Professor of Law, Co-Faculty Director, Korea Law Center Moderator: Vincent J. Vitkowsky, Partner, Seiger Gfeller Laurie LLP